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Featured Ingredient - Coconut Oil

 Coconut Oil




Coconut is a member of the palm family. The term is derived from 16th century Poruguese and Spanish coco, meaning “head” or skull”


Coconuts are a great super food. Every part of a coconut can be used. Coconuts can be used from cooking to cleaning to cosmetics.


Cooking with coconut has many benefits. Coconut oil actually lowers cholesterol. Recent studies have shown that coconut...
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Basics for Butter Making

The equipment can be as simple as a mason jar. You can use a blender or mixer as well.
This is a fun project for kids. They can see cream turn into butter.  You can use cow or goat milk. We use goat milk which requires us to use a cream separator.
You don’t have to have a cream separator. You can allow the goat milk to sit in the refrigerator and after some time the cream will naturally rise. I...
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