Santa Candle Mug | Holiday Candle In Collectable Mug

Santa candle in a collectable holiday mug. 

Imagine the smell of sweet chocolate cookie crumbles, powdered sugar, marshmallow cream, cookie dough, vanilla, chocolate chips and a mug of hot cocoa. That is what you get all in one candle. Made with soy wax and wooden wicks with a natural, tradition cotton core wick.

Christmas mug resembles Santa's iconic suit.

The mug is made of enamel, painted bright red and has a black 3 dimensional belt wrapped around  with a gold buckle. Painted bright red in distressed style. This is larger than a large coffee mug. The mug measures 5" in diameter by 6.25" in height.  You need to burn on a heat resistant surface like a candle coaster or candle mat. 

When the candle is done burning you have a collectable mug that is perfect for decorating around the holidays. We also sell the mug if you want a mug only.