Christmas Felt Candle Mat | Snowman Felt Mat Decor

Christmas felt candle mat for the holiday's. 

Snowmen and pine trees are stitched around the mat in a ring of holiday cheer with a snowflake star in the center. Ideal felt mat to put under a holiday scented candle. Candle mats not only protect your furniture from the heat of a candle but also adds a decorators touch to the room. The edge of the mat is sewn with rustic stitching detail for a handmade look. It is also reversible with a solid black back. When the holiday's are over just flip over the mat and use all year long with your favorite candle scent.  Measures 12” in diameter.

Folk art design.

This folk art candle mat is a great fit for the privative, shabby chic, farmhouse style and retro style home décor. Tradition holiday decoration to make a statement in any room. Candle not included. We offer a wide variety of holiday scented candles. Perfect for an electric candle too. See our electric pillar candles or wood wick candles for more information. 

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