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Antique Mother Goose Complete Melodies HC Book Red Hardcover 1886

Rare find of an old Mother Goose book for kids. 

Printed and bound by M. A. Donahue & Company. Chicago. Made in the U.S.A. There is no date printed inside the book. From what I found, the first edition in 1886 did not have a date. The second edition states the date 1892. This appears to be from 1886 although I can't say for sure. It is still a very old hard to find book. Inside the book is a hand written message "To Calvin, from Luis & Junior Xmas 1928. 

A rare Americana book from yesteryears.

The front red hardcover is beautiful and eye catching. The book is in good condition, considering it's age. The front hardcover is cracked from the binding. The rest of binding is pretty good shape, and there are no loose pages. The pages show some yellowing due to the age of the book. Some light soiling from years of use. The inside cover has a personal message and the back inside cover has hand written alphabet letters that appears to have been written by a child. See photos. This is one of my favorite finds for a bookshelf collection. See all the photos for more details. 

We obtained this book from an estate sale among other rare collectible books. 

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