Ashton Drake Porcelain Doll Baby New Year 1995 6inch Figurine

This miniature Ashton Drake porcelain figurine from the 1995 Calendar series is perfect for commemorating the New Year. Its 6 inch size and Happy New Year silver bell make it the perfect mascot for ringing in the new year. This item was obtained from an estate sale. The Certificate of Authenticity is ripped and has been taped back together. This offering is previously owned. It contains the 6 inch baby new year figurine in a cloth diaper with a with a happy new year ribbon sachet across his chest, a silver colored bell, white stand for the figurine, COE and the original box. I do not think all the original packaging is inside the box but it will be packed well for shipment. Item #06972B. The silver bell is plastic with a baby blue ribbon bow around it, etched with Happy New Year around the bell. The bell is 3.5"x3".