Boyds Bears Liza Glorybear Americana Plush Jointed Patriotic Bear 2003

Meet Liza GloryBear from Boyds Best Dressed Series. 

Style number 904190. 2003 fully jointed, hand stitched teddy bear. 16 inch plush stuffed animal bear. Liza is dressed and ready for Independence Day. She has on a light tan hat with a red bow. The bow has a metal button in the center with a star. Her blue corduroy dress has a circle of 8 embroidered silver stars. She has on a red corduroy sleeveless vest. Underneath she has on tan tea stained color bloomer pants.  She is a plush, bean filled bear. One paw has an embroidered red star with a blue circle and silver inside the circle. She is a warm brown color with warm eyes. A black embroidered nose. She is carrying a dark blue corduroy hand bag with an embroidered American flag on the front.  

We obtained this item from an estate sale among many other Boyds Bears collectible old world style bears.