Boyds Bears Mini Plush Snowman Bear Ornament I. B. MELTIN Top Hat Scarf 5"

Boyds Bears H.B. Heirloom Series snowman ornament. 

Meet I.B. Meltin. With a name like that he is bound to be cute. Vintage Boyds Bear original Christmas ornament. The top of his outfit velcro's so you can take it off or secure it on. His arms are jointed so you can position them however you want. He has a red scarf with white stripes like a Christmas candy cane. On top of his snow cap with a black top hat like Frosty the snowman. His snow outfit has two black embroidered buttons going down his chest. His snow fur has iridescent color throughout giving the appearance of snow glistening in the sunlight. Boyds Bears did not skimp on detail with I.B. Meltin the snowman bear. He stands 5" tall and has a red ribbon loop at the top for hanging. We obtained this item from an estate sale among many other Boyds Bears collectibles. There is one spot on the front that could be a stain or the coloring of the fabric. It is hard to tell in different light. See photo.