Ceramic Teapot with Matching Tea Cups Bird Design 1989

Bird house design teapot with matching cups. 

Beautiful teapot from an estate sale. This item is preowned in great condition. It does have what appears to be a chip at the top of the pouring spout or it is from manufacturing. It does not look like it has ever been used. It looks like it was on display in a collectors teapot collection. Yellow and white with a bird house and birds. The lid lifts off. The lid has a knob on top to lift with a blue heart design. Two matching cups with birds sitting on a white picket fence. Heavy duty teapot. It is fragile because it is ceramic but it is not fragile because because thin and weak. The teapot measures about 7 inches in height by 10 inches across from the tip of the spout to the handle. The mugs measure 3.5 inches in height and the opening of the mug at the top is about 4 inches across. The bottom says Hartstone USA 1989. 

Be sure to view the photo of the closeup of the spout of the teapot to see the chip at the end.