Decorative Wooden Plate Hearthside Collection Have Big Dreams

From Hearthside Collection have big dreams plate. 

A Barbara Llyod design. Decorative wooden plate with a primitive design. 

"Have Big Dreams you will GROW INTO them" decorative plate. 8.5 inch plate with a primitive, farmhouse style. Primitive black plate with a positive message. Makes a great gift to encourage someone to live for today.

A distressed wooden plate that has a modern farmhouse style. A  display plate that is meant for decorative purposes only. Not meant for food consumption. Decorate and style your home with positive messages you love. This plate has a rustic hand painted finish that makes a thoughtful gift and a cozy home decor to fit a primitive or modern farmhouse home. 

Hearthside Collection wooden plate with many one-of-a-kind designs. 

Hearthside offers many beautiful collections. We are glad to offer some of the best of their designs.