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Fragrance Warmer | Candle Warmer | Tart Burner 2 In 1 Midas Warmer

2 in 1 candle warmer and tart burner.

Classy, stylish fragrance warmer that melts both wax melts and candles. An electric fragrance warmer that quickly releases the scent with no flame, no smoke, and no soot.  The dish is removable and sits on top the warming plate to warm wax melts. Remove the dish and use the a candle on top the warming plate to enjoy a candle with no flame. You do not need a bulb with this fragrance warmer. Plugin electric warmer with an on/off switch makes this warmer easy to use and care for. 

Elegant home décor warmer. 

It has a clean cut design that has a classy gold accent with a gray-beige color. The style is made to complement any room with your personal style. Whether your style is farmhouse, chic or classy this warmer is a perfect fit. Its versatile design makes this a great gift. Do you need wax melts? We offer a large variety of wax melts for tart burners. You can use your favorite wax melts and candles for this 2 in 1 fragrance warmer. 

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