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John Keim Collapsible Wood Swan Bowl Basket 1992

Handcrafted Amish folk art by John Keim. 

This collapsible basket is made by Amish craftsman, John Keim. It's formed with one continuous saw cut and can be stored flat when not in use. The basket is perfectly used to hold snacks, knickknacks, and collectibles, or can be featured for decoration on its own. Since is can lay flat it is easy to store when not in use. Perfect centerpiece at a holiday meal for napkins, or rolls.  Beautifully carved wooden swan. This item we obtained from an estate in Ohio. The piece is signed and dated by John Keim. When flat and folded down the length is 14.5" x 10inches in height. There is a wooden stand on the bottom that turns so you can make the swam stable when standing and easily swiveled around to store. 

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