Miniature Porcelain Clown Hinged Trinket Boxes Set of 4 Clown Band

$ 25.00

Miniature clown set with musical instruments. 

We have a set of 4 miniature porcelain clowns holding musical instruments. Each clown stands on a base that is hinged and opens up. Musical notes are around the front of the hinged box. One clown is holding a drum, one is holding a horn, one is holding a guitar and cymbals. Cute clown band hinged trinket box set of four. 

They measure approximately 3.5" to just under 4" tall and 1.5" to 2"wide The boxes all measure  approximately 1.5" in diameter and 1" tall.

These items are pre-owned in great condition. I'm guessing they are from the 1980's. They are unbranded.