Rare TY Beanie Baby Waves the Whale with Echo Dolphin Tag Error

Rare Beanie Baby Waves with errors on tags. 

What a rare find this is! Don't let the tag fool you this original TY Beanie Baby is Waves the whale not Echo the dolphin like the tags state. Waves is a black orca whale with a white belly. This is indeed Waves but the hang tag has the information for Echo style number 4180. The poem inside: Echo the dolphin lives in the sea. Playing with her friends, like you and me. Through the waves she echoes the sound "I'm so glad to have you around!" Birthdate 12-21-96. This item is pre-owned in mint condition and was part of a larger collection of Beanie Babies. the swing tag is in a clear plastic protector. 

What makes Waves so special? 

The error of course and there are plenty of them. Waves was actually released on May 11, 1997 in spite of what the tag states. His birthday is December 8, 1996. He retired on May Day, May 1, 1998. The following errors were found when examining the tags. 

  • No comma after Oakbrook on hang tag or tush tag
  • 12-21-96 birthdate
  • Echo the Dolphin on the swing tag and tush tag
  • P.V.C. pellets
  • No period after the C on the P.V.C on tush tag