Robin Woods Little Goose Girl Doll Classic Childhood Companions

Collectible Robin Woods Little Goose Girl Doll. 

1988 collector's doll with geese. The two geese she is holding one in her hand and one on top her head are discolored with brown spots. It also comes with a burlap sack with two geese. The original tag is attached to the doll. The doll does not come with the original box or a stand. We obtained this doll from an estate that was part of a larger collection of collectible dolls. They were in storage and smell like an antique store. The hang tag attached from a shop has the price of $120.00. She has on a beautiful blue and cream dress. One of her shoes has a bow missing from where it was originally glued on. This doll is in vintage used condition. She stands 14 inches tall.