Amber Romance Hot Shot Candle Melt | Wax Melt

$ 2.79

Shop candle melts. Amber Romance is a warm, inviting fragrance of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla. A sophisticated fragrance that will fill the room with a pleasing fragrance for a calm and warm feel. 

Hot shot candle melts are 1.5 ounces each in a convenient souffle cup. 

You can cut hot shot candle tarts in half or add the whole tart to your tart burner. Depending on the size of your tart burner. How much you use is determined by the size of your candle warmer. Not sure what fragrances you like? Our hot shots are the perfect way to sample all our fragrances. 

We use a pure soy, beeswax blend for our candle melts and add phthalate- free fragrance oils. We make an effort to produce a clean burning wax melt for your home and office. The reason we use two different waxes to make our candle tarts is simple.  We start with 100% soy wax. Soy alone can tend to be too soft, making it hard to pop out of the package. You can always put your tarts in the freezer to make it easier to get out. We add beeswax to create a firmer candle melt so it's easier to pop out of the packaging. The biggest benefit to using beeswax is when heated it produces negative ions that are natural air cleansers. 

Intense Fragrance | Pure Soy Beeswax Blend | Phthalate Free

We hand pour our own candle melt in small batches right here on our farm in Williamsport, Ohio. 

Here's a helpful hint for removing candle melts from your tart warmer when you're done with a fragrance. Place the cup that holds your wax melts in the freezer for a little bit. The wax will pop right out. You can also try placing a piece of ribbon in the melted wax after you turn the burner off and when it hardens lift the ribbon out of the tart cup. 

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