Ty Beanie Baby Lefty the Donkey Patriot Democratic Party 2000

Lefty the political donkey USA. 

Lefty the donkey is dark blue with white stars on his left side and red and white stripes on his right side. His face and belly are white with red and dark blue stars. He has black button eyes and a black muzzle. His inner ears and hooves are also black. He has a red and white yarn mane. He has one big blue star on his forehead. Date of birth: July 4, 2000. He was retired December 21, 2000. Poem inside: This November make a note
The time has come for you to vote. Pick me when you have to choose. I’m a Beanie, you can’t lose!

Lefty the donkey was part of a larger collection of beanie baby collectibles. He is in mint condition. His swing tag is in a protective plastic cover.