Ty Beanie Baby Spunky the Cocker Spaniel 1997

Spunky the cocker spaniel is so adorable with those long floppy ears. 

If you love Cocker Spaniels you will love Spunky. Spunky is a tan Cocker Spaniel dog with black eyes and a black nose with black stitching for his mouth. He has long ears covered in curly fur. His ears represent cocker spaniels well. They are heavier and thicker than other beanie baby dogs. 

Birthdate: January 14, 1997. Poem inside: Bouncing around without much grace. To jump on your lap and lick your face. But watch him closely he has no fears. He’ll run so fast he’ll trip over his ears! His hang tag is in a protective clear plastic cover. He is in mint condition and was part of a larger collection of beanie babies.