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We Started Our Own Soap Company And You Can Too!

August 21, 2015 2 min read

Ohio Soap Company Chickenmash Farm

Who are we? How did we get our start? How did we come up with that name... Chickenmash Farm?

We are the Mash Family. We started out with chickens which led into getting goats. Since chickens started it all and with a last name like Mash that's how we became Chickenmash Farm
We started our own soap company and you can too! 
My husband and I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Never imagined we'd end up goat farmers! We met in high school and got married soon after graduation. When I was in high school I went to a career center for Animal Care and Management at Northwest Career Center. While at the career center I joined FFA (Future Farmers of America). I never imagined I'd actually be a farmer some day. It seemed crazy enough a kid from the city was in Future Farmers of America. My whole childhood I grew up in an apartment living the city life. 
Being from Columbus I thought I'd travel the world with Jack Hanna and work at the Columbus Zoo. I always loved animals. I still love Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo but I wouldn't trade what I do. I make goat milk soap and you can too! 
When we left Columbus we headed to Grove City, Ohio. At the time it seemed so far away. Does anyone remember when Grove City seemed like living in the country? That's where we got our first laying hens. Actually they were all roosters! Like I said we were city kids we had a lot to learn. 
My husband and I started growing an organic garden and getting healthy eggs for us and our young daughter. We didn't know at the time chickens are the gateway animal. After that we got our first dairy goat. She was a Nubian goat named Star. She was the best first goat anyone could ever ask for. 
We got so much milk from one goat we couldn't believe it. I started researching soap making and that's how it all began. 
Since then we've moved even farther south from Columbus to Williamsport, Ohio. We make our goat milk soap, body products and candles right here on our farm. We're an Ohio soap company that loves what we do. 
You don't need a big farm either. You could say we are micro-farmers. We are living on under three acres and it's perfect for us. 
If you want to start your own soap company. just start. I'm not saying it's easy but starting is really the first step. Move forward despite your uncertainty and it give it your best. You'll do great! 
And if you have questions along the way just ask me. I don't have all the answers but we can learn together. 

We're an Ohio soap company in Pickaway County.




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