Weight Watchers Shepherd's Pie Smart Points Recipe

By Kim Mash
on March 25, 2017

A classic favorite made into a Weight Watchers Shepherd's Pie. 

Weight Watchers Shepherd's Pie Recipe



We've made this before and have a recipe for a low carb version. This time I added more zero points value food and ground chicken breast. I used red skin potatoes for the topping but you can even cut the points more by making mashed cauliflower instead. Want to save even more points? Skip the cheese. I really wanted mashed potatoes and cheese for this one so I think it's worth the extra points. 

8 servings = 6 smart points. 

When you create your own recipe do the math and see what you get. I added all the points values for the total amount of each ingredients then divided the servings. I cut mine into 8 pieces if you want bigger pieces you can easily cut this casserole into six servings and each serving will equal 8 smart points. Not too shabby for a big serving of comfort food. It's loaded with vegetables. 


  • 1 pound ground chicken breast
  • 4 red skin potatoes
  • 4 tablespoons sour cream (I only had regular but you can use light or fat free and make this for even less points.)
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon organic sunflower oil (use your favorite here)
  • 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  • steamed carrots
  • steamed broccoli
  • french style green beans
  • chopped onion finely chopped
  • chopped mushrooms finely chopped
  • chopped celery finely chopped
  • chicken broth
  • seasonings of choice

First I started by cooking my red skin potatoes whole in a pan. In a separate pan I sauteed the onion, mushrooms and celery in oil. Add ground chicken and seasonings and cook thoroughly. After this was done I place it in the bottom of my casserole dish and added my can of green beans. After steaming the carrots and broccoli I added to the casserole dish. Mix together. I used chicken broth and corn starch to make a gravy with added seasonings. After it's done mix into the casserole dish. 

Smash cooked potatoes with chicken broth, salt, pepper and sour cream. Spread on top of the casserole and top with shredded cheddar cheese. Bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour. 

There you have it Weight Watchers shepherd's pie. 


Ohio Made Market Spring Fling and Pigskin Brewery

By Kim Mash
on March 21, 2017

Ohio Made Market is hosting their annual Spring Fling. 

Ohio Made Market Spring Fling Pigskin Brewery

I'm ready for spring in Ohio. Are you? We couldn't be more excited. Ohio Made Market is teaming up with Pigskin Brewery in Gahanna, Ohio for their annual Spring Fling, You'll find us located at the brewery, located at 91 Mill Street. So go ahead and shop the market then stop over at Pigskin Brewery for some lunch, drinks and stop and visit us. We would love to see you. This will be our first Ohio market of the year then we're heading to Nashville for the Country Living Fair. If you can't head to Nashville head to Gahanna and shop local. 

Goat milk soap and spring candle collection at the brewery. 

We'll be there with our goat milk soap and body care products. We'll also have our spring candle collection. You'll love to smell the Japanese cherry blossoms, honeysuckle and lilac and feel the warmth of spring arriving. Be sure to smell our Citrus Basil wood wick soy candles. It's a fresh favorite for spring. If you're looking for body care with limited ingredients for sensitive skin be sure to check out our lotion bars; smooth, natural roll on lotion you're skin will love. You'll be able to sample our goat milk cream,lotion and body spray. Come feel how soft it leaves your skin. A little bit goes a long way and won't leave you feeling greasy. 

You can shop at the Creekside Convention and Event Center in Gahanna, Ohio for other local vendors from Ohio. Shop handmade, one-of-a-kind items at the market then come over to the Pigskin Brewery and shop some more. There will be handful of handmade crafters at the brewery also. Eat, drink and relax. We look forward to seeing you at the Ohio Made Market Spring Fling. 

Wholesale Private Label Candles

By Kim Mash
on March 17, 2017

We offer wholesale private label candles in a wide variety. 

Wholesale Private Label Candles - Chickenmash Farm

Are you looking for wholesale private label candles? Let us work with you to customize a candle that fits your needs. Our candles are made with pure soy wax and the maximum amount of fragrance the wax can absorb. Our wood wick candles have an intense fragrance. We offer hand poured candles that are made right here on our farm in Williamsport, Ohio. Our wicks are made in the USA with all natural timber wood. Crackling wood wick soy candles offer a maintenance free candle that doesn't require trimming wicks. Wood wicks naturally burn down to the bottom right along with the soy wax. Your customers will enjoy the crackling sounds, the flicker and intense fragrance. . When you buy wood wick candles from Chickenmash Farm you can know we test burn all new fragrances to ensure you get a clean burning, intense fragrant candle that will will the room. Our candles burn even too. You'll get about 25 hours burn time from our soy candles. Soy wax burns slower than other waxes. 

Travel tins with pure soy wax. 

You'll love our six ounce travels tins with decorative labels that really fit the fragrance. These classy travels tins make a great travel companion and fit many home decors. We put our company name on the bottom of the candle on the warning label. We can easily replace our name with yours. Travel candles with crackling wood wick make great gifts your customers will really appreciate. We can create a candle especially for your state. Check out our Ohio State Buckeye candle and let us know how we can create a home state candle for you. 

Fill out our wholesale form and get started today. We can keep our company name on the candle or offer wholesale private label candles. 

The Best Face Soap Activated Charcoal Facial Bar

By Kim Mash
on March 13, 2017

What is the best face soap?

We make a goat milk soap especially created for a facial bar. It's contains pure goats milk from our goats, activated charcoal and skin loving oils. Charcoal Face Bar is the perfect soap for deep cleaning yet gentle enough for your face. Activated Charcoal Face Bar is great for acne prone skin. It's so gentle on your skin you'll love the results. 

Activated charcoal absorbs dirt and oil leaving your pores clean.

Goats milk provides extra moisture leaving your face and skin feeling soft and silky. Ylang Ylang essential oil used in this soap is a perfect essential oil for all skin type. 

This is one of our most popular soaps and sells out very quickly. We have it unavailable right now but it will be back in stock April 20, 2017. 

We're sure to have it at the Nashville Country Living Fair. It will be ready just in time. 

The best face soap isn't just limited to your face. You can use it on your whole body but you might want to save this one just for your face to make it last longer. Our best face soap is our Activated Charcoal Facial Bar. 

It's Giveaway Time! Join Our Facebook Contest To Win

By Kim Mash
on March 10, 2017

Join us on Facebook

Facebook Giveaway Contest

Join us on Facebook to win one of our Giveaway Contests. This month we are giving away a free jar of Chocolate Mint Foot & Body Cream. Just look for the Giveaway post and Like, Share or Comment for your chance to win. 

We pick a random winner and send your free gift right to your door. 

We love when you get to try our products! We feel if you can try our products you'll see how much you love it. 

Our foot and body creams are rich and absorb right into your skin. You won't have to worry about feeling greasy. A little bit goes a long too. You'll love how it feels on your skin. Flip flop weather is right around the corner. Try our foot and body cream today. 

Join us on Facebook today and be a winner! 

DIY Pedicure Treat Yourself To A Pedicure Tonight

By Kim Mash
on February 27, 2017

A DIY pedicure recipe. A pedicure after a long week is so rewarding. 

diy pedicure recipe

Go ahead you've earned it!

Light the candles, put on your robe, make a cup of tea and take some time for yourself. Turn on relaxing music or enjoy the quiet and read a book. The latter is my personal favorite. Sometimes the week can be quite noisy and hectic so quiet is just what I need. 

Do a little prep work and you're ready to go. 

Start by removing your toenail polish. Prepare your foot soak with ingredients you have at home. You can make your own foot soak with a dish pan or foot soak tub. Add hot water and Epsom or dead sea salt. Add hot enough water to dissolve the salt. Don't boil the water. Cover the tub to keep it hot until your ready to soak your feet. Make a paste with our favorite cosmetic clay, bentonite clay, plain yogurt and honey. See our post about how to make a clay mask. Apply the mask and leave on for about 10 minutes. After after 10 minutes the mask should be dry. You can add about 10 drops of tea tree oil or peppermint essential oil to the hot water. Soak your feet for about 15 minutes. The clay mask will dissolve and you can gently rub your feet with a nail brush or a sponge. Take your feet out of the water and pat dry. 

You can use a foot file or make your own sugar scrub or beach sand scrub to remove dead skin cells. Rinse your feet again and pat dry. Now you can apply your favorite foot cream or lotion followed by a fresh coat nail polish. 

Your DIY pedicure awaits you. 

Spring Scented Candles Top 10 Spring Scents

By Kim Mash
on February 24, 2017

Spring scented candles can be fresh, floral and sweet. 

spring scented candles

I always look forward to spring. Winters in Ohio can be pretty cold. The sweet smell of fresh flowers, open windows and sunshine makes me take in a deep breath and brings a smile to my face. I start looking forward to getting outside, working the ground in preparation for planting season and the sweet scent of spring. 

These are our top ten recommendations for spring scented candles:

  1. Lavender scented candle
  2. Lilac scented candle
  3. Honeysuckle scented candle
  4. Japanese Cherry Blossom scented candle
  5. Citrus Basil scented candle
  6. Pink Sugar scented candle
  7. Lemon Poppy scented candle
  8. Plumeria scented candle
  9. Ocean Breeze scented candle
  10. Love Spell scented candle
Be sure to sign up for our email newsletters. We send out product updates, sales and coupon codes. Look for our spring scented candles and sales.

What Is Your Favorite Candle Fragrance?

By Kim Mash
on February 20, 2017

People often ask me what is your favorite candle fragrance? 

what's your favorite candle fragrance

Hands down my favorite candle fragrance is our Lemon Poppy Soy Candle. It's so fresh and sweet like lemonade on a summer day. It just makes me feel light and happy just taking in the sweet scent. Picture fresh squeezed lemonade and sugar. It's like that. 

Don't get me wrong I have other favorites but the first one to come to mind is our lemon poppy fragrance. I also like our Almond Vanilla Soy Candle. This is an original scent mixed right here on our farm It's also one of the very first candles we ever created. It's wonderful fragrance has held up all these years as a top seller. You'll love the nutty fragrance combined with warm vanilla. 

What is your favorite candle fragrance? 

We love to know what you like. If you have a favorite candle fragrance let us know. We've said it before our best ideas come from you. Often times at various gift shows and fairs we test out new fragrances. This way we can see first hand what you like. 

Join us this year at many of the festicals and fairs around Ohio. You can also stop and see us at the Nashville Country Living Fair this April. Stop and smell the candles and pick out your favorite candle fragrance. 

So tell us what is your favorite candle fragrance? 

Clay Face Mask Easy Homemade Recipe

By Kim Mash
on February 17, 2017

Clay face mask you can make at home with a few ingredients. 

clay face mask recipe

We love bentonite clay.

We use it in our Bay & Clay Goat Milk Soap. You can use any cosmetic clay and there's a lot to choose from. You can get cosmetic clay online or at your local health food store. We happen to use bentonite clay here at Chickenmash Farm for our soap and our own homemade face mask. Bentonite clay is formed from volcanic ash. It unclogs your pores making it a great clay to pull excess oil, dirt and blackheads out of your pores. The clay pulls toxins out of your skin and adheres to the clay. 

In this recipe you'll get great benefits from clay, yogurt and honey. 

While the clay absorbs excess oil and dead skin cells, the yogurt and honey add moisture and protect your skin. You only need three simple ingredients and you're on your way to making your own face mask at home. 

  • 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cosmetic clay of your choice

Using a small container mix all the ingredients together until thoroughly mixed. You can use your fingers and apply the mask to your entire face avoiding your eyes. You want to apply a thin, even layer all over and leave on about 15 minutes. It might make your face feel dry like it's cracking but it's okay. If for some reason it burns your face remove immediately. For most people it should be gentle enough to detox your face safely. After 15 minutes rinse off with warm water and pat your face dry. 

A clay face mask you can easily make at home. 



Peppermint Lotion Bar For Your Feet

By Kim Mash
on February 13, 2017

Peppermint lotion bar with pure essential oils for your feet. 

Fall in love with peppermint and tea tree oil.

When you buy peppermint lotion bar for your feet you'll fall in love with the soothing feel. It's so convenient and easy to use. You'll love the simplicity of ingredients and how it glides right on your skin and sinks in. 

Peppermint lotion bar contains simple ingredients.

We use beeswax, a protective barrier for your skin that provides moisture, coconut oil which fights free radicals and helps soften dry skin, shea butter which helps penetrate and protect your skin, cocoa butter that is bountiful in vitamin E and improves skin tone and elasticity, mango butter which softens and soothes skin, organic sunflower oil which absorbs fast and leaves you non-greasy. We also use cornstarch from a non-gmo source to control the oils so your skin doesn't feel greasy. We also add vitamin E from a non-gmo source that is a powerful antioxidant. We use peppermint essential oil and tea tree oil in this one. 

Looking to buy more than one be sure to shop our 3-Pack and save $0.99 per peppermint lotion bar. You'll love the feel of our peppermint lotion bar. 

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