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Candle Sale Shop Wood Wick Soy Candles

March 11, 2016 1 min read

Candle sale going on right now! 

March into saving this month while our 3 Pack Organic Wood Wick Candles are on sale! When you shop our 3 Pack Organic Wood Wick Candles you save $1.66 per soy candle. 

When you use our three pack option you get to mix or match your choice of candle fragrance. Everyday you save when choosing this option but this month for a limited time you can save even more. 

Candle sale too good to miss!

Crackling wood wick candles are a maintenance free candle that doesn't require trimming wicks. Wood wicks naturally burn down to the bottom right along with our soy wax. You'll enjoy the crackling sound, the flicker of the flame and the intense fragrance that is released when you burn our wood wick soy candles. We don't skimp on fragrance. We put as much fragrance as the wax will absorb. You'll get about 25 hours of burn time from our soy candles. 

You'll love how our candles are packaged in decorative six ounce travel tins. You also get the benefit after the candle is gone you can re purpose the tins. Clean them up! Use them to hold buttons, safety pins or any objects you can think of. 

Candle sale going on right now at Chickenmash Farm! 

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