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How To Survive Your First Craft Show

May 03, 2016 1 min read

How to survive your first craft show! Handmade Goat Milk Soap Booth Display

When we started out doing our first craft show and had no idea what to expect. When it's possible go to the show as a spectator the first year and see what it's like. We know that's not always possible. Many shows inform you the attendance for past years. This lets you know how much product you need to pack and what expectations to have. 

Our biggest mistakes at the beginning...

One of our biggest mistakes was over packing. We would pack for a high school craft show like it was a 10 day fair. I've learned to gage a show based on the attendance. Another key is to know your target audience. You need to know who your customers are. Attend shows they are shopping at. This is probably our second biggest mistake at the beginning. 

I like to lay out my booth before I go so I have an idea how I want to set up when I arrive. Booth spaces can be different sizes. Some shows we have one table while others we have a 10'x10' space and bring our own tables. 

Don't get discouraged. If a show doesn't go as expected don't give up. Maybe it wasn't the right show for your products or it was slower than expected for everyone. What sets entrepreneurs apart is their ability to keep moving forward despite uncertainties. 

Now you know how to survive your first craft show! 

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