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Gardener's Hand Scrub Nitty Gritty Goat Milk Soap

July 23, 2016 2 min read

Our gardener's hand scrub Nitty Gritty Goat Milk Soap isn't just for gardeners. Gardeners hand scrub goat milk soap

Do you paint? Are you a mechanic, an outdoors enthusiast? Then you will love our goat milk soap with ground eggshells. We use the eggshells from our chickens. We wash the shells, dry them and grind them to a powder. This scrubbing ability makes this the best goat milk soap for a hand or foot scrub. It doesn't dry your hands or feet out either. Just scrubs them clean, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized. 

I'm in the garden and barn a lot. I love keeping this soap at my kitchen sink. It gets ground in dirt out or your skin and still feels so good after each use. The scrubbing ability provided by the ground eggshells makes our gardener's hand scrub goat milk soap a favorite. The lemon scent helps with odor. This is another reason why it's one of my favorite at the kitchen sink. It gets rid of onion and garlic order after chopping and cooking in the kitchen. 

Mechanics love this hand scrub. It's a perfect soap to clean up after coming in from the garage. The pumice ability of the eggshells works great on getting grease and oil out of your skin. It's like using a lava soap but it moisturizes your skin while providing a deep clean. 

Life's about playing hard, getting dirty and living clean!

Outdoors enthusiasts will see our gardener's hand scrub is for them too. Camping is something our family has done for years. We should call this soap happy camper because it's a perfect soap to take camping or have on hand for any outdoors activities that leave you dirty.  

Our gardener's hand scrub is on sale right now for a limited time. 


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