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Handmade Natural Soap! It Suds! It Cleans! It Works!

July 02, 2016 2 min read

Handmade natural soap is the best! 

It doesn't get much better than handmade natural soap. We love creating handcrafted soap. Why? Quite simply it works naturally. We use a combination of oils for their cleansing ability. We use natural oils for their ability to provide a high quality lather. Our natural handmade soap really does create suds. You'll love the feel. Many people tell us they can feel the difference when using natural handmade soap verses commercial soap. We couldn't agree more. Natural handmade soap works! It gets you clean without leaving a film. Yet your skin is left to feel silky and smooth. We know the amount of goats milk in our soap leaves your skin moisturized and helps your skin retain moisture. Goat milk is laoaded with vitamins and minerals that is benificial to your skin care. Pure goats milk in combination with non-gmo oils is a perfect way to treat your skin daily. 

Handmade natural soap with pure goat milk. 

We have a goat farm in Ohio. We use only pure milk straight from our farm. Our goats are fed organic, non-gmo grains. This way we know you get only the highest quality milk in our soaps. Goat milk soap is great for sensitive skin. Do you have skin problems like psoriasis or acne? Goat milk naturally contains Vitamin A otherwise known as retinol. This is great for problem skin. Goats is also great for those fine lines and wrinkle prevention.  The one question we get is "does it lather"? And the answer is yes! Our soap provides a creamy lather that benefits your skin. We think you'll love our natural goat milk soap. Try it today! 

Tell us your favorite! Handmade natural soap works! 

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