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Handmade Soap With Goat Milk

December 04, 2017 2 min read

Handmade soap with natural ingredients. 

handmade soap

We offer 100% natural soaps with none of the bad stuff. 

Looking for natural handmade soap? We offer a Natural Honey Goat Milk Soap that is fragrance-free with pure honey from a local beekeeper. Handmade soap is a great gift for someone who loves to pamper their skin. Our Plain Jane Goat Milk Soap is another fragrance-free soap your skin will love. We also offer handmade soap with pure essential oils and if you love fragrances we have that too. Shop online and view our handmade soap and pick the right one for you. We have pure and natural handmade soap and we offer soap with fun fragrances. Our fragrance are Phthalate-free. We understand if fragrances aren't your thing but we offer for those who love the scents. 

We use pure raw goat milk from our farm to make our handmade soap.

Our goats are fed organic, non-gmo grain to keep it pure. We use 100% goat milk and never cut it with water. We started out with chickens and then got our first milk goat. That's how we became Chickenmash Farm. Goat milk from our farm.

Goat milks ability to moisturize and retain moisture in your skin is fantastic. The milk content in our soap is high in cream and fat. We raise Nubian goats. They have a higher fat content than some breeds. Don't get me wrong though we love all goats. Nubians are one of our favorite breeds though. Their long floppy ears make them so cute and there's nothing cuter than baby goats of all kinds. 

The great thing about goats milk in handmade soap is the fact that the milk contains alpha hydroxy acids, protein, vitamins and minerals. All great for your skin. Shop handmade soap with goats milk and you'll see the difference. 

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