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Happy Goats Playing And Jumping | Nubian Goats Playing

July 31, 2018 1 min read

Have you met Pickle the goat? 

Some of you remember her from the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. She has visited the fair a few times now and here she is at home playing on a rock with two week old baby goats. 

Olive the goat gave birth to a born and a girl July 19th, 2018. Olive was the very first goat we brought to the Country Living Fair. She wore a purple tutu and loved every minute of visiting everyone at the Country Living Fair. As Olive grew too big we started bring Pickle. 

Pickle the goat is getting big too so this year we brought our newest goat Kizzy to the first spring Country Living Fair. Fair goers can expect to meet KIzzy again as I'm sure we will be bringing her back. She did so good and enjoyed all the pets, love and visits she got from everyone. 

If you miss Pickle be sure to check out her latest video.

She is the one standing on top the rock playing king of the hill with the babies. It is amazing to see how quickly goat kids grow and develop. The baby goats in the video aren't even two weeks old yet but they are pretty close. We haven't named them yet but we are working on it. It is always fun to come up with goat names that fit their individual personalizes. 


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