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January 31, 2022 2 min read

We have been busy making goat milk soap. 

Goat Milk Soap Making Process

If your favorites have been out of stock they will be available soon. Plus we are working on new creations. We usually start making goat milk soap late spring - early summer. Have you ever wondered why we run out of soap so often? And why the long wait to get your favorites back in stock? The quick answer is we need milk to make soap. This year our goats had babies earlier than usual which has given us an early start to getting our soap made for the year. As soon as the babies do not need milk anymore we take the milk for soap making. We try to gage what varieties will sell the best and make as much as we think we will need. 

Steps and cure time. 

Let us step you through the goat milk soap making process. First we start with measuring out our oils, lye and milk. The oils are gently heated. This step is important. You do not want the oil too hot or too cool. The lye is slowly added to frozen goat milk. I find when I use frozen goat milk we do not need to put the pot of milk in an ice water bath. This saves a lot of time which is crucial when you are trying to make all the soap you need in a short amount of time. We mix until all the lye has been incorporated into the milk. This leaves the milk completely melted. Extreme caution is needed when adding the lye. You want to do this process slowly and careful not to splash lye onto your face or skin. Next we add the lye-milk mixture to the warm pot of melted oils. Once it is fully mixed and comes to trace we can add any fragrance or essential oils if needed. We mix some more if a scent has been added. We then pour the soap into our soap molds. Twenty four hours later we cut the soap into bars and cure on drying racks for six weeks. The final step is cutting the fabric we use for packaging and hand wrapping every bar of soap. Then it is ready for you! 

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