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My Favorite Place On Earth Is... Home!

July 08, 2016 2 min read

My favorite place on earth is home. 

Sometimes I travel for a vacation but most of the time it's for a gift shows, craft shows, wholesale shows and festivals. It's a lot of fun going all over and seeing new places. But there's no place like home. We get a break right now from traveling. It's time to stay home and get products made and gear up for the fall season. 

During my times at home I love staying at our farm and getting caught on all things that continually seem to need done. I love spending time with the goats and my two year old grandson. It's so fun to watch Ryan with the chickens and goats. He loves spending time in the barn with the animals. His favorite goat is Pickle. He named her of course. He loves Blaze and the monster machines so he decided her is Pickle after one the trucks on that cartoon. We look forward to bringing Pickle to the Columbus, Ohio Country Living Fairthis year. We hope you get to come out to the fair and visit us. 

Even though my favorite place on earth is home... 

I love the 127 Yard Sales. Have you ever tried the world's longest yard sale? It's so much fun. It goes from Michigan to Alabama. Each August my friend and I hit the road and shop our way back home. We shop, eat and explore new areas. We grab hotels along the way to rest up before hitting the road to our next stop.

I also love attending gift shows, craft shows, wholesale shows and festivals all over. We hope to add Georgia to our list of festivals next year. What's your favorite festival? We love trying new ones. Hope to see you at festivals! Stop by and visit the Chickenmash Farm booth. 

Tell us your favorite place on earth. 

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