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Shop Sugar Scrub With Goat Milk Soap | Polish | Moisturize | Clean

November 10, 2017 1 min read

When you shop sugar scrub from us you get our moisturizing goat milk soap to cleanse and moisturize. 

We use non-gmo pure cane sugar, our very own goat milk soap, organic shea butter, organic sunflower oil and coconut oil. We have a variety of choices like Tropical Mojito and Vanilla Chai Tea to name a couple. 

Using sugar scrub is a gentle way to exfoliate your skin leaving a polished feel. 

Not all sugar scrub is created equal. We also add pure natural goat milk soap and extra oil and butter. Don't worry it's not greasy at all. It's so silky and smooth you'll love the baby soft feel of your skin. The last thing you want to do is strip your skin of moisture. Read the ingredients in your body care products. We use pure natural sugar, oils, butter and goat milk soap. 

Using sugar scrub once a week is a great way to remove dead skin cells, unclog your pores and refresh your skin. Try our sugar scrubtoday! My favorite sugar scrub is our Pumpkin Glow sugar scrub

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