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July 08, 2021 1 min read

What's not to love about TY Beanie Baby toys?

TY Beanie babies for sale

In the 1990's I worked at a bakery next door to a Hallmark store. The Beanie Baby craze was crazy. As fast as some Beanie Babies were released they were retired. So getting your hands on your favorite plush cuteness was a challenge. Some people collected them as toys and some as a collectible items not be played with. What made Beanie Babies different than the rest was how they were under stuffed. Ty Warner said the under stuffing made the toys look real. Well, it certainly made them cute and collectible.  

Beanie Babies have two tags.

They have a  heart shaped swing tag and a tush tag which doesn't always match. That made things even more collectible to a collector.  At first the swing tag had "to" and "from" on the tag. In 1996 they started adding a poem and date of birth to the tag. When the Beanie Baby craze slowed down the company announced they would stop making them and made a bear named The End. Fans still love TY Beanie Babies so production continues. The toys from the 1990's are still collectible and a lot of fun to collect. 

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