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Lemon Poppy Goat Milk Soap

Exfoliating soap bars with poppy seeds. Handmade exfoliating soap bars with a cool lemon scent. Lemon Poppy handmade goat milk soap starts with a top note of fresh squeezed lemon with the sweetness of sugar.  Fresh and clean fragrance like a summer day. Lemon Poppy fragrance is a fresh clean scent perfect for any gender. A gentle exfoliating soap with poppy seeds. You'll love how our handmade goat milk soap is packaged. Lemon Poppy Goat Milk Soap is hand wrapped in fabric which allows the soap to breath. The cotton fabric is a from renewable crop that can easily be recycled.

Exfoliating bar soaps with poppy seeds. 

Goat milk products made on our farm with pure skin loving, non-gmo oils and whole goat milk Handcrafted soap made in small batches using pure ingredients.

Read ingredients: olive oil, goats milk, coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, babassu oil, castor oil, organic flax oil, poppy seeds and fragrance.  

No GMO | No Parabens | No SLS | Cruelty-Free

We use non-gmo oils and butters in our goat milk products. We never use sodium lauryl sulfate. All our products are cruelty-free. We never test on our animals or any for that matter. We test on ourselves, our family and our friends and they're glad we do. They get to try our products. Pick their favorites. Then we offer them to you. We love your feedback. When you try our products let us know what you think. We love to hear from our customers! 

Why goats milk? Milk has the natural ability to moisturize, nourish and retain its goodness in your skin. Milk is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals nourishing to our bodies both inside and out.

All our soaps are made the old-fashion way. Handcrafted using cold-process soap making method. We let our soaps cure at least six weeks which insures our soaps are mild for your skin and produce’s a hard bar of soap that last longer. Keep dry in between use and you'll be surprised how long our bars last!

We raise Nubian goats and they are all feed organic non-gmo grains. We care what goes into our goats and our products. 

Ask us about buying wholesale handmade goat milk soap.

We sell handmade goat milk soap for boutiques, gift shops and store of all sizes. 

Exfoliating soap bars with pure goat milk and poppy seeds.