Apple Pie Soy Candle | Woodwick Candles for Fall

Apple Pie soy candle has the sweetness of apples combined with a touch of cinnamon. A fall favorite. You'll love the crisp apple top note with a fresh ground cinnamon undertone. Our woodwick candles are highly fragrant and clean burning.

Apple Pie soy candle. Woodwick candles from Chickenmash Farm.

Natural wood wick soy wax candles with organic wood wicks make a perfect home décor. Our crackling wood wick candles are in a convenient decorative travel tin. Made with timber wood produced in the USA from a renewable source. Our wood wick candles are maintenance free. The wick doesn't require trimming. It burns right now to the bottom with the wax. You'll enjoy the crackling sound, the flicker and intense fragrance. Clean burning, hand poured candles in your favorite fragrances made right on our farm in Williamsport ,Ohio.

Our candles are packaged in classy 6 ounce travel tins. Apple Pie has a stylish apple pattern wrap around band and matching lid. Decorative candle travel tin perfect for fall. Our travel candles make great gifts. You can put our tins on candle warmers as well if you don't want to light the candle. Make sure you never leave a candle unattended. Burn on a non-flammable surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Intense Fragrance | Pure Soy Wax | Wooden Wicks

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We offer wholesale woodwick candles for gift shops, re-sellers and stores of all sizes. If you need custom labels let us know. Fill out our online form and get started today. 

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Apple pie soy candle makes a great gift for teachers.