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4 Dirty Secrets About The Commercial Soap Industry

December 25, 2015 1 min read

Why buy handmade soap? Here's four dirty secrets the commercial soap companies wouldn't want you to know.

  1. It's not really soap! It's mostly detergent. Commercial soap companies spend a lot of money on misleading ads that claim natural but in actuality they use artificial foaming agents and chemical hardeners to produce a hard bar. 
  2. Most contain sodium tallowate (animal fat). I'm not knocking anyone that uses animal fat. The pioneers used animal fat for the fats needed in soap. But commercial soap companies buy cheap animal fat. It makes you wonder where does it come from? Was it from animals from overcrowded feed lots? How was the animal treated or fed? 
  3. Natural glycerin has been removed. There's big profit in selling glycerin for products like creams and lotions. Commercial companies remove the glycerin to gain a bigger profit by selling it or using for other products. Handmade soap makers don't remove glycerin so you benefit from all the naturally occurring glycerin in your soap. 
  4. Claims of 20% larger does not mean your bar lasts longer. Yes, the bar is bigger because their commercial machines used to manufacture "soap" has put 20% more air in the bar giving the appearance of a bigger bar. 

The best advise we can give is know what you're buying. Be careful what you put on your skin. Buy local or handmade soaps from a source you trust. 

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