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FAQ Chickenmash Farm Handmade Soaps and Candles

We have received a lot of good questions over the years. 

Chickenmash Farm handmade soaps and candles has been in business since 2003. Although we started long before that when we got our first goat, Star. In the beginning, before we officially opened for business we used the milk from our goat to make butter, cheese, drink and cook. From there we started researching making our own soap for personal use. It wasn't until 2003 that we actually attended our first craft show and started selling handmade soaps and candles. Everything grew from there. Without the goodness of God, family and your support we would not have the business we do today.

Here's a list of the FAQ that we receive:

Why is the name Chickenmash Farm?

Without a doubt this is the number one question we receive. Our last name is Mash and we started out with a few chickens to get healthy eggs. From there we got our first milk goat. Chickens started it all and with a last name like Mash that's how we became Chickenmash Farm.  

How many goats do you have?

We do not have as many as one would think. We get a lot of milk from our goats. We usually have anywhere from 6 to 8 goats at a time. We live on a small micro farm so 8 goats is the most we like to have at a time. We want to provide them with enough room and space to eat and enjoy life. So if you only have one goat it is possible to make goat milk soap and start your own business. We only had one dairy goat for a long time before we needed to add more to the family. 

How long does your soap last?

That depends. If you keep it dry in-between use it will last quite a while. We let our soaps cure for at least six weeks which helps make a harder bar of soap that will last longer. We also use a balance of coconut oil, babassu oil and beeswax to create a firm bar of handmade soap so you can get a lot of use out of each bar.

How long do your candles burn? 

Our six ounce candle tins burn about 20-25 hours. This is a conservative burn time. You will more than likely get more hours than stated. Keep candles out of a draft. You don't want to fan the flame constantly or create a fire hazard. 

How do you relight the wood wicks on the candles?

We have had people tell us they can't get the wood wick to relight. If you are having trouble getting the candle to light try trimming the wick closer to the wax. Make sure the whole wick is lit all the way across. If you are still having trouble let us know. We want you to have a great candle that you love! 

Do you use parabens in your body care products? 

No we do not. Our body care products are paraben-free and gmo-free. We use non-gmo oils and butters in our body care products. We also never use sodium lauryl sulfate. No Parabens | No GMO | No SLS | Cruelty-Free

Where can I buy Chickenmash Farm products? 

You can always shop online directly from Chickenmash Farm website, Etsy or check our store location page to see if a store local to you sells our products. 

Do you offer free samples? 

We no longer mail out free samples upon request. However we do our best to include a free sample in with your order. It is a random pick from us. I know it's hard to make a decision on what scent to get. We do our best to describe the fragrances as close as possible. We also have an option to leave a review. We do not alter or remove honest reviews. Even if you don't like it we keep the review up so others can make an informed decision based on verified purchase reviews. I wish we could mail out free samples every time we are asked but that became too great a cost for us in the long run and we had to stop mailing out free samples. 

What soap making process do you use? 

We use what is called "cold processed soap". This is our preferred method. It's also known as CP,  "old fashion" or "like grandma made". With this method we have more control over the ingredients. We get to create our own recipes, unlike some melt and pour soaps where you buy a block of soap with the ingredients of the manufactures choice. Cold Process requires heat but not cooking or a long heat time. We feel by using cold process we do not have to over heat our milk. Therefore we get to keep all the goodness the milk has to offer your skin. This way our milk isn't over processed keeping all the vitamins, minerals and good stuff for your skin.

Do you make vegan soap?

No. We use fresh whole goats milk in every single batch and variety of soap. We do not make any bar soap with a water base. We do not cut our goat milk bar soaps with water. We only use pure milk from our farm. We can tell you that our goats are treated like family. They enjoy being moms and giving milk. They are eager to jump on the milk stand to get an extra treat once a day. We also do not milk our goats when they are pregnant. We have a short time span when we are getting and storing milk for soap making. This way our goats have a break from milking and can put all their energy and nutrition into the baby goats. When people see how much goats enjoy their life on the farm you can be assured it is not cruel to milk goats. But we understand it's not for everyone. Goats milk is the only animal product in our soaps. 

Do you offer wholesale handmade soap and candles? 

Yes we do. Chickenmash Farm offers wholesale goat milk soap, wholesale bath and body products, wholesale candles, wholesale wax melts for stores, gift shops, co-op's, resellers, distributors, boutiques and those who sell at gift and craft shows. If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale program fill out this quick form to see if you qualify. Once qualified you can create an account and shop our wholesale store.

Do I have to have an account to shop online?

No you do not have to have an account to shop. However, wholesale accounts do require an account. 

Do you offer discount codes?

Yes we do. We offer discount codes and sales all year long. The best way to receive our discount codes and notification of sales is to join our e-mail list and follow us on social media. 

What are my shipping options?

We ship US Mail and UPS. You have the option at checkout to choose the best shipping option for you. We also offer free domestic standard shipping for orders over $59. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Pretty much all of them. Look at the bottom of our website and you will see many different options to pay. 

Can I cancel an order once it is placed?

Yes if it hasn't already shipped. Be sure to contact us right away if you want to cancel. We do our best to process your order and get it to you as fast as possible. So canceling an order needs to be done quickly but it can be done. 

Can I order outside the USA? 

Yes you can. If you do not see a shipping option for your country please let us know and we will see what shipping options we can add to our website for your country.  

What is Monkeymash Gifts?

Monkeymash Gifts is owned and operated by Chickenmash Farm. It used to be a separate website. We decided to put everything on one website to save the shopper on shipping. We use to own a gift shop in downtown Grove City, Ohio where offered not only our handmade products but gift items as well. When we closed the store we missed having a gift shop so we started Monkeymash Gifts

Did we miss anything? If you have more questions that we have not addressed send us a message and let us know. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.