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Learn About The Different Soap Making Methods

December 12, 2015 2 min read

Maybe you've wondered how to make soap or how we make our goat milk soap. In this blog we'll discuss the different processes for soap making and why we use Cold Process.

1) Melt & Pour - is a soap base you can purchase in bulk. Melt down add your own fragrance, essential oil, herbs or colors and pour into a mold. Let it harden and it's ready. This may be a great start for those interested in soap making and want to explore their creative side with colors, swirls and creating a style for you.

2) Cold Process - This is our preferred method. It's also known as CP,  "old fashion" or"like grandma made". With the method you have more control over the ingredients. You create your own recipes, unlike melt and pour where you buy a block of soap with the ingredients of the manufactures choice. Cold Process soap requires a cure time. We let our soaps cure for at least six weeks. Cold Process requires heat but not cooking or a long heat time. We feel by using cold process we do not have to over heat our milk. Therefore we get to keep all the goodness the milk has to offer your skin. This way our milk isn't over processed keeping all the vitamins, minerals and good stuff for your skin.

3) Hot Process - This method is like Cold Process but requires extra heat to speed up the soap making process. This method removes excess moisture so it's ready to use when it cools. The biggest advantage is not waiting the cure time. In my experience the bar doesn't last as long as cold process.

We're not knocking anyone's method. To sum it up here's why we use cold process:

  • Doesn't require extra heat changing the quality of our goat milk, 
  • Produces a harder bar of soap, creating a longer lasting bar.
  • We don't need to add glycerin since it naturally occurs in natural soap making. We don't remove it like big soap companies. All that moisturizing goodness stays right in the bar. 
Try Natural Goat Milk Soap and feel the difference! 

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