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Antique Porcelain Sitting Child Figurine 3987 Marking

Sitting young child bisque porcelain figurine. 

4.5" tall  and 4.5" in length. This antique vintage porcelain figurine was obtained at an estate sale. There is one marking on the back of the dressing that shows the numbers 3987. The child figurine is in a sitting position wearing a white outfit with bronze trim. the figurine is holding what looks like a paper. Possibly an antique German Heubach piece. We obtained this item at an estate sale in Ohio. The collector had numerous antiques and figurines that seem to be German Heubach. The price sticker from an antique shop was still on the figurine for the purchase amount of $45. I do not see any cracks or chips. The price sticker is very old and yellowed from age.