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Beak the Kiwi Birds Beanie Baby Beanie Buddy 2 Piece Set

Ty Beanie Baby Buddy Beak the kiwi bird set.

Beak the Beanie Baby and Beak the Beanie Buddy are the first to be released as a set! This set is complete and you will receive both kiwi birds. 

Beak the Beanie Buddy is the larger kiwi bird. She is fluffy and brown with brown and black button eyes and a long, lighter brown beak. She has light brown dangling brown feet. She has a Beanie Buddy tush tag with the year 1998. Her swing tag reads: Beak the BEANIE BABY and Beak the Beanie Buddy are the first to be released as a set! her swing tag is in a protective plastic cover. 

Beak the kiwi bird Beanie Baby is made from a tie-dyed, brown napped material with black and brown button eyes. She has a huge tan beak and brown dangling feet. Date of birth: February 3, 1998. Poem inside: Isn’t this just the funniest bird?. When we saw her, we said how absurd. Looks aren’t everything, this we know. Her love for you, she’s sure to show!

Beak the kiwi bird beanie baby and beanie buddy were part of a larger collection of Ty Beanie Baby and Ty Beanie Buddy collectibles. They are both in mint condition.