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Lavender Spray | Natural Hydrating Body Spray

Lavender spray with pure lavender essential oil. The timeless scent of lavender has been captured into this lavender spray. Lavender is perfect for relaxing. Mist your body, pillows and bed linens to help you unwind and relax. Shop our natural body spray with pure lavender essential oil.  Lavender hydrating body spray is great for your skin.  Lavender is known to help repel ticks. Mist your legs and ankles before taking a hike or a walk. If you want an all over bug repellent spray be sure to check out our Summer Daze body spray with five different essential oils known to repel bugs as well as ticks. 

All our scented body spray collections are alcohol-free and offer a light on your skin feel. Just read our ingredients and you'll know why your skin will feel silky and smooth. 

Lavender spray with pure essential oils. 

Our body spray makes a great after shower spray. You can spritz it on any time of the day to give your skin an extra lift. A fine body mist that you can use from head to toe-even on your hair. Our scented body spray is a great alternative to perfume. It's alcohol-free and quenches your skin with moisturizing ingredients leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth. One of the best uses is for your back. It's hard to moisturize your back but not when you can use our spray to mist all over. Have a sunburn? Try spritzing on your skin to re-leave sunburns. We have many varieties to choose from. View our collection of fragrant sprays to find your favorite. You can also use as a room spray or linen spray. I like to spray my throw pillow and curtains to freshen the room. Of course you will also want to test a small area. Be sure to spray at a distance. Not directly on linens. A lavender body spray your whole body will appreciate. 

You're sure to love our hydrating body spray with nutritious extracts. Our body sprays contain aloe juice to hydrate your skin, black willow bark & sugarcane extracts help soften skin & cherry extract is known for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties while green tea naturally contains ECGC an antioxidant, 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E. We use a naturally derived preservative that is paraben-free and formaldehyde-free. 

Ingredients: Purified water, aloe leaf juice, witch hazel, black willow bark, green tea, polysorbate 20, glycerin, sugarcane, organic cherry extract, Lactobacillus Ferment, lavender essential oil.