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Ty Beanie Baby Slippery the Seal 1998/1999

One look at that face and sold. 

Slippery the seal has the cutest face I have seen on a beanie baby. Those eyes! He has black thread whiskers and black stitched eyebrows that set him apart. Slippery is a mottled grey seal with black button eyes and a black nose. Date of birth: January 17, 1998. Poem inside: In the ocean, near a breaking wave. Slippery the seal acts very brave. On his surfboard, he sees a swell. He’s riding the wave Oooops…he fell!

Slippery the seal was part of a larger collection of beanie babies. He is in mint condition. His swing tag is in a protective plastic cover. His tush tag has a hologram and the year 1999. He retired December 23, 1999.