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Ty Beanie Baby Stretch the Ostrich 1997

Stretch was one of the more difficult beanie babies to make. 

Her long neck added to the difficulty to making her. Plus she had more parts than other beanie babies. Stretch is an ostrich with a brown body and a soft peach color, long neck. She has brown and black button eyes and a peach beak with black stitching for her nostrils. She has long, peach-colored legs with red stitching for her toes. She has fuzzy, white fur around her neck and brown wings with white tips on one side and solid soft peach on the other side. Date of birth: September 21, 1997. Poem inside: She thinks when her head is underground. The rest of her body can’t be found. The Beanie Babies think it’s absurd. To play hide and seek with this bird! Stretch is from a larger collection of beanie babies in mint condition.