Wholesale Vanilla Chai Tea Sugar Scrub With Goat Milk Soap 3 Units

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If you are a private label customer be sure to use the option for private label. Wholesale sugar scrubs = 3 units. To receive your wholesale discount be sure to include your discount code at checkout.

Sugar scrubs are convenient and easy way to use. You'll love how this sugar scrub feels on your skin. When you wash with our sugar scrub you don't need soap. We've already added in for you. Your skin will benefit from the goodness of our goat milk soap to moisturize and maintain moisture in your skin plus we added pure cane sugar to gently exfoliate skin. We didn't stop there we also added organic shea butter, coconut oil and organic sunflower oil to really soften your skin. You'll love the warm scent of chai tea sugar scrub.  

Using our sugar scrub  is easy. Take a little in the shower or bathtub with you. As you start to rub it in your hands, it will break up and crumble. Rub it all over your skin especially rough patches like elbows and heels. Our sugar scrub is a perfect way to treat your skin once a week or a few times a week if you need it. 

Sugar scrub packaged in a 6.5 ounce wide tub.

Our sugar scrub in in a convenient tube with a wide opening making it easier to scoop out however much you need. 

Just read our ingredients - pure cane sugar (non-gmo),  Chickenmash Farm goat milk soap, coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic sunflower oil, organic chai tea, vanilla blend essential oil, ground cinnamon, cinnamon essential oil, honey. 

Sugar scrubs leave your skin glowing. You can exfoliate removing excess dead skin and with our goat milk soap inside and the extra oils and butter your skin will feel so good. It does not leave you feeling greasy either. Try it today and see for yourself how great our sugar scrub with goat milk soap feels.