10 Myths about goat you might not know

What came first the chicken or the goat?

Well for us it was the chicken which led into getting goats. Did you get chickens and now you want a goat? Yeah, I did too. Now I know the chicken is the gateway animal.

Maybe we can clear up some myths about goats to help you decide if having goats is for you.

1. Goat will eat anything. Not true! Goats are actually picky eaters. If you watch them eat they browse. They don't eat tin cans. Goats will use their mouth to touch and feel. If a button looks interesting they want to feel it just  like we do with our hands.

2. The milk tasted awful. That's not exactly true!  The milk will only have an off flavor if it isn't fresh or they've gotten into something like wild onions.

3. Goats Stink. That's not exactly true. The only time you smell a goat is during breeding season. The bucks have a musky scent. It's not pleasant that's for sure and the smell will rub off on the girls but only during breeding season. Once breeding season is over so is the odor.

4. Goats are mean. Not true. I've never had a mean goat. We've had goats for 20 years now and I've never had a mean one. They are so sweet and loving like our dog.

5. If a goat has a goatee it's a male. Not true. We have a female with a goatee.

6. Goats with horns are males. Not true. Males and females have horns.

7. Goats will mow your lawn for you. Not true. Don't let you goat loose in your yard expecting that to happen. As we mentioned above goats are browsers not grazers.I can tell you from experience if they get in your lawn they will run to your shrubs, trees, flowers, garden and so on.

8. Goats are hard to contain. This one can be true and false. The only time we had this problem is when we got our first goat. She was our only goat so if there was a way out she'd find it. She was lonely and wanted our attention. When we started getting more goats we didn't have this problem anymore. Now if a gate is left open they will head for trees and shrubs. On occasion we've had a baby goat get under a fence but they yell constantly wanting back in with everyone else.

9. Goats are hardy. Not so true. I've seen so many people get goats thinking they can just throw them out in a field with no shelter. They need to get out of all elements. Our goats hate to get wet. When it's raining they won't go out of the barn. Our goats will jump over puddles to keep from getting wet or dirty. They need protection from other animals and the cold.

10. It's safe to tether goats on fence lines or anywhere to eat down certain areas. Not true, Personally we never tether goats. Goats can hang themselves if they aren't watched. I'm know people do but I would strongly advise watching them very closely or not doing it at all.

I love goats. They are fun, sweet and clean animals. If you're trying to decide if they are right for you just keep in mind what they need, shelter, hay, health maintenance and love.

Let us know what myths about goats you've heard!