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What's The Perfect Face Serum For Your Skin?

March 29, 2014 2 min read

Our face serum is a combination of pure non-gmo oils and essential oils designed for different skin types. We created a serum for Maturing skin, Oily skin, Combination skin and Dry skin.
A serum doesn't contain thickening agents like cream and lotion which moisture the top layer of skin and hold moisture in.
What does a face serum do?
Serums penetrate into the three layers of skin, the Epidermis (top layer), the Dermis ( the middle layer), and the bottom layer known as the Hypodermis. You can follow up with your regular cream to lock in moisture.
It's important to always apply facial serums on a freshly cleansed face so you don't seal dirt into your skin. Facial serums penetrate deep within the layers of skin and you don't want to pull dirt down deeper in your pores.
How do you use a face serum?
Face serum can be applied (to a freshly cleaned face) whenever you feel you skin needs an extra lift. It can also be used as part of your daily routine. You can use it morning and night or just at night when skin is at rest.
Face serums may not be for everyone and not all face serums are the same. Some oils are good for oily skin while others are not. Face serums may absorb too quickly for people with skin issues like eczema or rosacea. Others can really benefit from facial serums due to their ability to deeply penetrate the skin and smooth out fine lines or reduce age spots. Be sure sure to check out our website to learn more about face serum and the different offers we provide.

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