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The Goat And The Chicken

March 07, 2014 1 min read

When our goat Goldie injured her shoulder and was unable to walk anymore she was confined to one stall. We used a chain hoist and a hammock to lift her up everyday. One of our chickens displayed an act of kindness you'd never expect from a chicken. The chicken stayed in the stall with the goat the whole time.
They ate together, drank together and even slept together. 
Chickens don't usually lay on the ground. They roost. 
The chicken walked in front of Goldie. They looked at each other and the chicken sat down in front of her while Goldie rested her head on the chicken for comfort. 
Right before Goldie passed away the chicken sat on one bale of hay while I sat on the other until she took her last breath. After Goldie passed away the chicken hopped down jumped out of the stall and never went back in. And at night she went back to roosting. 

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