Our goat Fool's Gold aka Goldie was a wonderful, gentle goat. We want to share our story about her. 
One day I came in the barn and she was limping. That's not all that uncommon to find a goat limping but usually they shake it off within a few days. I called the vet. He came out and said she injured her shoulder. She didn't have a temperature and no sign of infection. He said to keep an eye on it and see if it gets better on its own. After about a week she wasn't any better but actually worse. Her shoulder was raised above her back. The vet came back out and said she tore the nerves in her shoulder and the muscle was deteriorating. He said there's nothing that can be done. She would not make it. Goats can live without a back leg but not a front. They bare their weigh on their front legs and she was about a month away from giving birth. So she had added weight on her legs. 
We searched goat slings trying to find one to get her off the ground. I want share with you what we did. Maybe it will help your goat when you need to get them up off the ground. 
We attached a chain hoist to the rafters of the barn. We also attached a gambrel to the hoist. At first we used a moving blanket and two tow ropes at first but her weight ripped the moving blanket where the tow ropes went through. 
This idea wasn't going to work so we bought a hammock. It worked
great. Now that we had her up. I also researched how to heal the torn nerve and muscle. 
Everyday I rubbed comfrey salve into her muscles.  I made chamomile and red clover tea with honey for her to drink everyday. I also fed her blackberry leaves which help repair nerve damage.Chamomile is good for nerves and red clover for weak nerves. Unfortunately we lost Goldie. She went into premature labor and her cervix would not open. She will be missed. Now we have a therapy stall and everything in place when another goat gets injured or sick. She seemed happy in the hammock and it didn't put too much pressure on her stomach.