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Featured Ingredient- Lavender

April 01, 2013 2 min read

From time to time we like to feature some of the ingredients we use in our body care products. We’d like to reintroduce you to the timeless scent and benefits of Lavender.


Using herbs in your body care products is a satisfying way to indulge your skin with natural wholesome ingredients.


Origin of Lavender                                                                                                                                           Lavender is an old world plant or shrub belonging to the genus Lavandula, having spikes of fragrant, purple flowers.  Lavender has been known for its gentle and soothing fragrance since ancient times. Used by Greeks and Romans in the public baths, the word lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare, or to wash.


Lavender has many uses from culinary to medicinal to cosmetic.


Let’s talk about culinary. You can use Lavender to flavor ice cream, jams and vinegar to name a few. I’m not sure about the health benefits of cooking with it but it sure sounds fancy.


There are many medicinal benefits for using Lavender from calming nerves, to soothing headaches. Try putting Lavender flowers in a sachet and tuck it in your pillow. You’d be surprised how it can help a troubled sleeper relax and get some rest.


Now let’s talk about why and how we use Lavender in our products. We use both Lavender essential oil and Lavender flowers.


 We add Lavender flowers and Lavender essential oil to our Legendary Lavender Goat Milk Soap to make a great bar that is gentle and delicate for sensitive skin.


 We use Lavender essential oil in our Legendary Lavender body spray. Not only for the timeless scent of Lavender but for the calming benefits of Lavender in the air. Our sprays can be used as a body spray, room spray or linen spray.


 When we started our foot and body cream Lavender was a must. You can rub a little on your temples to help sooth a headache or on your hands at night to help you sleep.


 Summer Daze is our natural bug repellent body spray that has a combination of five different essential oils known to help repel bugs and lavender is one of them. We include Lavender in our Summer Daze spray to help repel ticks.


You can grow your own Lavender. We do! Here in Ohio it’s easy to grow in our flower and herb beds. We harvest the flowers and use them in our soap. It’s a beautiful plant and easy to cut and dry and add to flower arrangements or wreaths. Make your own Lavender & wild flower wreath for yourself or as a handmade gift for someone special. 


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