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October 28, 2020 1 min read

Barbie Collector Estate Sale Collection.

Barbie Collection

Are you a Barbie collector? Or simply love Barbie dolls. Every Barbie has a story. There are many reasons why someone would want to hold onto a certain style of Barbie. Some commemorate an event like the Olympics or the holidays. I love finding auction and estate sales where the seller is a Barbie collector. Vintage Barbie's are my favorite finds. It is amazing to find a 20 year old Barbie that looks just as beautiful as the day it was made. In our Monkeymash Gifts toy collection you will find styles of Barbie from the collections we so thrilled to acquire. 

The love for Barbie goes all the way back to March 9, 1959. 

American Toy Fair in New York City is where she first went on display in March of 1959. Ruth Handler was the woman behind Barbie and co-founder of Mattel. I love how Handler said she saw the need for children to imagine the future. As a child I had a Barbie collection like most little girls. And imagine the future I did with the big Barbie dream house in all its splendor. I spent hours playing with Barbie's. That is one reason why I cannot resist buying up the Barbie dolls I find at estate sales. I imagine the story that goes behind each collectors reason for collecting a certain Barbie and holding it close to their heart. 

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