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November 05, 2020 1 min read

Glass shoes, boots and collectables. 

glass shoes

Different sizes, different colors, different makers and different styles. We couldn't resist the large array of glass shoes and boots from an estate sale. They are small enough to add to any home décor. Or a paperweight for the shoe lover. If the shoe fits why not display it. The small replica size is one of the lures of wanting to collect them. It is easy to display on a book shelf or on a window seal.

My favorite book as a child was the iconic story of Cinderella. How cute would it be to have your very own glass slipper to sit beside or on top your childhood favorite book Cinderella? The creativity people have for displaying such items is endless. Be sure to check out the glass shoe, boot and slippers from Monkeymash Gift collectables. 

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