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Candle Melts For Wax Melt Warmers And Tart Burners

October 14, 2016 2 min read

Candle melts for wax melt warmers and tart burners are perfect for your home and office.  candle melts for tart burners

We're really excited about our newest product line, Melt My Heart Tarts and Hot Shot candle melts. You don't need to worry about a flame when using wax melts. The intense fragrance will last for days. Each one inch cubes lasts about 10 hours. 

Our candle melts are made right here on our farm in Williamsport, Ohio. We handcraft our own blend of wax and fragrances.When we say from our farm to you, we really mean it. Hand poured in small batches at low temperatures. We make ours more often but it's worth the effort. We get fresh made tarts poured at low temperatures giving you a longer lasting scent throw. 

Benefit to using beeswax - when heated it produces negative ions that are natural air cleansers.

We start with pure soy wax combined with natural beeswax. We add intense fragrances you'll love at a low temperature and hand pour into take-home molds. We use two different waxes to make our candle tarts. We start with 100% soy wax. Soy alone can tend to be too soft, making it hard to pop out of the package. You can always put your tarts in the freezer to make it easier to get out. We add beeswax to create a firmer candle melt so it's easier to pop out of the packaging. The biggest benefit to using beeswax is when heated it produces negative ions that are natural air cleansers. The fragrances we use in our products are phthalate-free.

Save money when you shop our 4 pack Melt My Heart Tarts Wax Melts. You can mix and match your favorite fragrance. 

Candle melts are sure to be your new favorite. 

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