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Handmade Soaps For The Holidays Goat Milk Soap

October 18, 2016 1 min read

Handmade soaps for the holidays are going fast! 

handmade soap for the holidays

Our handmade soaps make perfect gifts. Goat milk soap from our farm is a natural gift to give. We've had a busy season and thank everyone of you for your support. We still have soaps in stock but they are going fast. We had a busier than expected year. We are gearing up to make more soap as soon as our girls provide us with more milk. 

Handmade soap for the holidays make the perfect gift giving to those who love natural skin care. We love making natural beauty care your skin will love. 

Our goats are fed a healthy balance of non-gmo grains, hay and pastures. We make our own goat cookies with a healthy combination of organic herbs to maintain their health. We probably wouldn't think they are so good but our goats love them! We combine our own organic herbs with molasses and roll them in cinnamon and oats. They look like no bake cookies and you'd think they taste that good since they since gobble them up. 

We feed our goats healthy for their benefit.

One of the biggest benefits to us is healthier goats and healthy milk. Our handmade soaps are chalk full of all the goodness milk has to offer. Goat milk soap is loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals that is naturally found in milk. 

Let us know your favorite handmade soaps for the holidays!

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