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March 26, 2021 1 min read

Comfrey Salve is a medicine cabinet must have. 

Comfrey Salve

Big shout out to Kelley H. for the latest review on our Comfrey Salve. Hear what Kelley H. has to say, "Salve is amazing! I love this stuff! I first purchased it from their booth at the Country Living Fair years ago and have used it ever since!" 

The great thing about salves is it is easier to rub into your skin. This makes it great for kids since it doesn't require rubbing as hard as a balm. Comfrey salve is an herbal first aid must have for cuts, scrapes, bruises and so much more. Comfrey salve is a must have for the natural medicine cabinet. Use natural salves to heal your skin from head to toe.

Read this review and others on our Comfrey Salve product page. 

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